IPhone 4 Case - The Art Of Protect Skin

Apple's iPhone; a new and powerful technology is one of the most expensive but functional phones on the market. Because of this high price is not surprising that those who have an iPhone 4 want to protect your phone.iPhone cover is scratch-resistant film that usually has a lifetime warranty. Without extra thick, just a shield against the rays, food or anything else that can penetrate the screen

Samsung Galaxy S - An Impressive Alternative To Android Smartphones

Already receiving rave reviews online, many of which hail it as an “iPhone beater”, the Samsung Galaxy S has some seriously impressive features at its disposal. Boasting the versatility of the Android OS (v2.1) backed up by a 1 GHz processor, this touchscreen smartphone is the epitome of what is available to consumers when choosing a new smartphone. A major part of the appeal of the Samsung

Netbook Or Smartphone?

The question of netbook or smartphone is on many people's minds at the moment, and it is interesting, if not amusing, to watch as smartphones get bigger and netbooks get smaller. Soon they will be one and the same, and then what name shall be given to them? Smartbook or Netphone? What's your money on?If truth be told, it could be neither of them, because a hybrid looks likely given the rate at

Is The Nokia N8 Worth Buying?

The Nokia N8 is sure to lead the way in the constantly changing and evolving world of smartphones. Once used only for conversations, smartphones have introduced entertainment and functional abilities beyond imagination. Now complete media devices, cell phones are constantly undergoing change and improvement, so it is wise to purchase a smartphone that is ahead of the curve.Because a good

Blackberry Bold 9700: Cheapest of Blackberry

Mobiles has been the important part of our life, it has changed the way the world looked before the invention of the phone. It has been the revolution bringing the desired change needed. The world has been the different place to live since the new edition of mobile devices touched the stores. The best of the features are given in by the mobile companies discovering and making the mobile deals

iPhone 4 Facetime

The new iPhone has brought many cool features to the table for iPhone fans. The new video phone call feature being called "Facetime" may be the most controversial and one of the most popular. This new 2 way video feature allows iPhone 4 users to make a call to another person and not only talk, but actually see the other party they are communicating with.This is not totally revolutionary because

The iPhone 4 Has Finally Arrived

The summer of 2010 sees Apple once again relaunch the famous iPhone. The new iPhone 4 now has an update in looks as well as features, and also features a clever twist on video calling set to make this method of communication more popular than ever.A look at the promotional videos released in the build up to the iPhone 4 launch shows how heavily Apple are focusing attention on the new "FaceTime"

Smartphones - A Quick Overview

The Smartphone is the wave of the present and future. Just when most people thought that mobile phones could not get better than the Apple iPhone, a series of Smartphones have made its glorious entrance.The concept for Smartphone apps, short for Smartphone applications, is not new. Actually, it dates back to 1992, when the first Smartphone, named Simon was invented. It was an early mobile or cell

iPhone 4G Review - 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple's Newest Product

When Steve Jobs revealed the Apple iPhone 4G during his 2010 Keynote address, the announcement was met with much speculation and skepticism. Why now? Why so soon? Why the necessity? These are just some of the questions that greeted the advent of the newest model in Apple's flagship line.But in this iPhone 4G review, we wish to assure you, the prospective end user, that the newest iteration of the

BlackBerry Addiction Or iPhone Addiction

The word addiction simply means the thing you can't live without. It can be a hobby, eatable, game or anything that makes you die if you don't do it. It's something like drug addiction that he who does drugs does it daily! No matter from where he has to manage drugs from he does it because he can't live without it.Before we start discussing which of the two phones, BlackBerry or iPhone is more