Choosing a Smartphone

So, you have decided it buy your self a new Smartphone. Congratulations! You may find that this is a daunting task so here are some tips on choosing a Smartphone. This will help you to understand the huge amount of information which is available and to help make your choice a lot simpler. Before starting, though, you might like to ask yourself just what is a Smartphone anyway? Well, you can

The Nokia C7 - A Great Looking Symbian 3 Smartphone

With features ranging from an 8 megapixel digital camera to full Wi-Fi connectivity, to the impressive Symbian 3 OS, the Nokia C7 is a smartphone with something for everyone. The Nokia C7 ticks all of the boxes and it seems set as a popular smart phone on account of this. With measurements of 117.3x 56.8x 10.5 millimetres, this is a comfortable handset to hold and operate, especially given its

Sony Ericsson Aspen - The New Generation Smartphone

The increasing demand for business capable mobiles which may seamlessly integrate professional and personal life has lead to a surge on similar functioning Smartphones. Most such devices are marred with faulty performance levels due to the slow processing speeds. The Sony Ericsson Aspen is the latest model which has been developed by the company to fulfill the needs of the business oriented